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Many of the documents available on our web site are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the documents. To download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, click the icon below:

Following are various web sites which we have found to be important sources of information for the construction, operation and maintenance of our R-Lee Shar-Pei Kennels, as well as providing invaluable aid in gaining knowledge and information about the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, and its function, operation, resources and its membership. Additionally several of these sites provide one with beautiful pictures and products which are useful in the home as well as in one's kennel. A brief description accompanies each site.

Morton Buildings Logo.jpgMorton Buildings   Our kennel has been established in an existing Morton Building which was modified with the addition of inside and outside chain link dog runs, including the addition of a new sewer system, plus the installation of the electrical ciruits and plumbing necessary to accomodate these features.

Carlson Pet DoorsCarlson Products, Insulated Pet Doors   We have found these doors to be especially useful in our kennel, as well as in our home where we have one installed so that our house dogs have ready access to the out of doors.

Kennel Operation Purina LogoPurina Pet Care Center    I have used these plans, or modifications thereof, in the design of our kennels both in Ohio and now here in Alabama. Please be patient while the .pdf format is loading as this is a rather large file. The site for this file is: Kennel Plans

Lebold Studios    I obtained the following framed picture from this company at one of our nationals. It's one of my favorites:

Shar-Pei Poster 1

For those who cannot read the description of the Shar-Pei listed in that portion of the poster I have printed it below:


      Called "Tomb Dogs" because of artifacts found by archaeologists which featured these dogs, the Shar Pei was known in China from the days of the Han Dynasty. The breed, as we know it today, is probably not descended purely from Chinese stock. Somewhere along the line, an outcross or two were introduced. Some probabilities are the Chow Chow, the Bull Mastiff, the Boxer, and the Bull Terrier.
      The breed may have come from a small town named Dah Let in the province of Kwong Tung, or it may have originated in Tibet or in Northern China where they were known prior to their appearance in Dah Let. These dogs have been described as being a great deal larger than the dogs we now know, although today's dogs have inherited many of the original dog's characteristics. The Shar Pei started out as a working farm dog, and was also a herder and companion. Very reliable, the Shar Pei became known as "Service Dogs" because they did their job so well.
      In earlier times, they were praised for their hunting ability in China. Although they were also known as Chinese Fighting Dogs for hundreds of years, they were only used for pit fighting occasionally. They are physically well equipped for combat. But as the Chinese found out, the Shar Pei does not have much heart for fighting, being basically friendly, affectionate, and amicable.
      "Shar Pei" means "sand skin" and describes the rough bristly texture of the coat. Like the Chow Chow, the Shar Pei has a blue- black tongue, along with the most recognizable feature of the breed, the rolls of loose skin that create wrinkles around their faces, necks, and bodies. The breed was introduced to the United States by a Hong Kong breeder in the early 1970's. He appealed to Americans for help in saving the breed from extinction. These dogs owe a great deal to the Albrights of California whose dogs are known as the Ho Wun Chinese Shar Pei. The Albrights waged the Shar Pei Publicity Campaign which helped save the breed.

                                             CANINE CRESTSTM   by Lebold Studios

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	LogoChinese Shar-Pei Club of America   The CSPCA is the parent organization for its members who own, breed and show the Chinese Shar-Pei breed in the United States. It's official publication, The Barker, is provided to each single or family membership in the club. To join one needs only to contact Roy Anderson or simply access the web site and click on the "Membership Information" button and fill out either the "Online Application" or the "Mail In Application" buttons, or simply click on Membership Information. Annual membership fees are relatively inexpensive and one gains a wealth of advantages and informaion available from both the club's web site as well as from The Barker, now published quarterly.

	Whole Dog JounalThe Whole Dog Journal    A Monthly Guide to Natural Dog Care & Training. Sample articles include How to Choose Dog Food, How to Maintain Your Dog's Health, Safe Canine Weight Loss Tips, Dog Owners Guide to Dog Fences, Positive Dog Training, Choosing Dog Supplements, Dog and Puppy Toys, Pre-Puppy Preparation, Basic Dog Park Etiquette, Dog Whisperer, Doggie Daycare Provides Canine Socialization and more.

McCartney Sharp-PeiMcCartney Dogs   Dog Gifts for Dog Lovers. Features the original works of the creations of Artist Mike McCartney. His whimsical charactertures of each breed, especially the Shar-Pei (Chow Hound, for example), are fun to see and to own. If one goes to his home page one has an almost unlimited choice as to the various products that are available. To mention just a few one can obtain address books, T-shirts, aprons, door mats, calenders, hats, jewelry, wall paper borders and the list goes on and on.

Alice2PoochPainter    Airbrush by Alice. The versatility of the airbrush allows Alice to paint special portraits on almost any surface. A gift from Alice's brush can be totally customized - from Welcome Signs, hand-painted of course, to indoor hanging slates, wooden plaques, license plates and canvases, ready to frame. Alice Furlong does outstanding air brush work and her technique and expertise is applicable to just about any surface one might imagine, including leather jackets, cotton shirts, purses, and even spare tire covers for your van. Alice can be reached at PoochPainter.

What a Handsome FellowDannyquest Designs Exquisitely created dog scultures. "Dannyquest continues to enjoy a sterling reputation for combining art and realism while offering the largest contemporary collection of fine art renderings of true to life dog sculptures being produced anywhere today." The last sculpture created in the Chinese Shar-Pei breed is entitled "What a Handsome Fellow" shown. We have been fortunate in having been able to acquire one of each of the designs created in our breed, all but the one called the Carousel, which I had first choice in buying at the Gaps Nationals, but which featured in the merry-go-round Shar-Pei made of a plastic material rather than the standard bronze metal, and because of this fact I thought it cheapened Dannyquest's usual standard of excellence.

An Illustrated Guide to 
	the Chinese Shar-PeiAn Illustrated Guide to the Chinese Shar-Pei   Consisting of 21 pages, it contains: a brief history of the breed; the Standard of the Chinese Shar-Pei (approved August 1, 1992), illustrated with drawings showing correct general appearance, horsecoat, brushcoat, correct proportions of the head, incorrect ears, correct topline, correct and incorrect tails, correct forequarter and hindquarters; an Appendix which further explains accepted coat colors - Group A describes basic coat colors while Group B explains the dilute colors - as well as describing those unacceptable colors not considered to be a solid-colored coat. To obtain a hardcopy, send $2.00 to: Susan Lauer, 1249 Old Dairy Road, Summerville, SC 29483 Phone: 843 851 2730. Email address: Susan Lauer

The Breeder's Standard 2009The Breeders Standard   The Breeder's Standard® 2009, the Ultimate Software for Dog Breeders. First arrived on the scene in 1991. The program is professionally written and maintained, using the latest and most stable technologies, employing disciplined design, programming, testing and database technologies, all which make the program easy to use. The Breeder's Standard® 2009. Not just a better way to do things, the best way to do things. It is so easy to use, you will never want to even look at any other program. PDF Pedigrees! You can output your MegaPed™ pedigrees to Acrobat® PDF files and send them to any person that has a PDF reader in their computer!

AKCAKC   In order to take full advantage of this web site one must be registered with an account name and a password. This site has practically any resource imaginable which one might wish to access in order to gain information about one's registered pets. It provides information about scheduled or impending dog shows and/or results of previous events. One of its featured publications, the AKC Gazette, is essential for the scheduling of one's entries in forthcoming dog shows. One of its most valuable features is the ability to download one or another forms such as: Application for Registered Kennel Name; Dog Ownership and Breeding Records; Litter Application (Note: You can register your litter online); AKC Official Event Entry Form; and more.

EZUEZU SIGNS  "EZU Signs has been serving the pet and show dog industries since 1980. Our products are available for near instant gratification at our dog show booth or by order via phone, FAX, or e-mail. We attend nearly 90 dog shows each year primarily in the Eastern United States."  We can attest to the quality of their workmanship and to their integrity. They can be reached at: EZU

	Shar-PeiLUTZYN ORIGINALS, LLC  - CANINES IN COPPER - is a company owned and operated by Beverly Capstick whose career included teaching art in public school for many years. She began training, showing and breeding dogs, especially the Doberman Pinsher in the early 60's and then entered the venue of juding, beginning with the Doberman and now including Working, Hound, Non-Sporting and Herding groups, some breeds in two additional groups, as well as judging Junior showmanship and BIS. She lectures around the world on canine structure and its relationship to movement. She is an accomplished artist, having worked in various media, pottery, cast paper, stained glass, painting and jewelry, and now her primary emphasis in Coppr Repousse' or Copper Bas-Relief. An example of her Chinese Shar-Pei is depicted. Capstick feels the metal reflects the enduring bond of dogs to man, while its malleability shows the changing face of the dog over time as it has moved from hunter, to hunting partner, to herder, guard, protector and companion of man."  We again can attest to the beauty and quality of her work. She can be reached at: LUTZYN

Shar-Pei Savvy 
	Vets SHAR-PEI SAVVY VETS  is a compilaton of veterinarians, mostly in the United States, but world wide as well, who have been recommended to be particularly good with the Chinese Shar-Pei. Unfortunately there are far too few veterinarians listed as would be expected from the membership of the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America. And, too, not all countries in the world are respresented. However, this listing is a beginning in what ideally will balloon into a much larger listing of veterinarians who are particularly interested in our breed. To view this list click on Shar-Pei Savvy Vets

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