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R-Lee Shar-Pei proudly presents its parade of stud dogs most of which have obtained AKC champion status. All R-Lee Stud Dogs are health tested at least once each year, are OFA certified, brucellosis tested, have solid pigment and scissors bites. Written contracts are required prior to any breedings and only qualified bitches are accepted for stud service. Each dog will be presented with its description and qualifications, including ROM and OFA recognition. The dog's description will be accompanied by one or more pictures and a link will be established so one can access each animal's pedigree, which can then be downloaded as desired.

Boo Dog (AKA Ticket) - Ch Elite's Ticket to Ride

NM762516/01 | DOB 11/01/1997 | ROM | OFA Excellent | Red Fawn | Brush Coat

After our Hootie died we needed to acquire another top quality stud dog for our future breeding programs. After much research and deliberation we selected Elite's Ticket to Ride, a red fawn male, bred, shown and finished by Sandy Woodall. He was just one year old at the time. When we acquired him Sandy called him the "blue dog" because in his litter he was the puppy with the blue collar. I thought she was saying, "Boo Dog," hence his name. His credentials are validated by his Boo Dog's Legacy of Champions. Note that his first year with us at Westminster he obtained an Award of Merit. He has produced multiple winners at our CSPCA National's competitions including 2005's Best of Breed winner, Ch R-Lee Xena Warrior of KDK (Xena), 2004's Top 25 Invitational winner, Ch R-Lee-N-Willo Sprit OTh Nite (Louie), Best of Winners, Best Bred-By, Winners Dog, Reserve Winners Dog, Best Bred-By Brush Coat Best Junior Brush Coat Male, Best Maturity Brush Coat Male, 1st in Open Brush Coat Bitch and 1st in 6 - 9 Puppy Bitch classes. His pedigree can be seen at Boo Dog's Pedigree . Included in his other achievments is that he has finished second twice and third twice at National's Stud Dog Competition beginning in 2002. Depending upon his mating Boo Dog has produced all coat colors except blue and chocolate.

Cream Jeans (AKA Ice Man) - Ch R L Canadian Ice of Moonbeam

NM885313/01 | DOB 5/9/2000 | OFA Excellent | Cream | Brush Coat

Cream Jeans Stud Dog

Cream Jeans

Cream Jeans was CSPCA's top Stud Dog at the 2002 Nationals at Brooklyn Park, MN. He is a pigmented white cream brush coat with solid dark lavender tongue pigment and perfect scissors bite. He is capable of producing blacks and creams. He finished his AKC championship at only eight months of age. Additionally he was entered in the 2002 CSPCA's Nationals Top 25 Invitational and received excellent scores. To his credit are a significant number of AKC champions. At nine years of age his health continues to be excellent without incident and he is an easy keeper. The R L title is the Canadian registered name for R-Lee Shar-Pei Kennel. He is one of our "pampered pets" who live with us in our house. Boo Dog and Cream Jeans, the perfect gentleman, have been "soul mates" since his introduction to our home and both he and Boo Dog are absolutely non-dog aggressive.

His pedigree can be seen at Cream Jeans' Pedigree.

Bud - Ch R-Lee Black Willo

NP040122/02 | DOB 8/21/2003 | OFA Good | Black | Brush Coat

Bud Bud has total dark pigment and a perfect scissors bite. His head piece displays the signature R-Lee look with a square correctly proprtioned body and a stick-straight front and fluid movement. His gene pool includes black, chocolate, red and cream colors all with dark eye pigment. He finished his AKC Championship in just six shows, at times taking best of breed from the classes. He continues in good health and has a haughty personality, making his puppies show stoppers with the definite R-Lee look.

His pedigree can be seen at Bud's Pedigree.

Scooter - Ch R-Lee Play It Again Sam

NP107098/01 | DOB 8/11/2005 | OFA Good | Red | Brush Coat

Scooter Scooter is a dark red short brush coat male with solid dark pigment and a perfect scissors bite. He has a sweet personality and is very athletic which his structure demonstrates.

His pedigree can be seen at Scooter's Pedigree. He has been line bred on Ch Elite's Ticket to Ride, his sire being R-Lee You Send Me and his dam being Ch R-Lee Izzy-B. He is expected to produce black, cream, dark red and fawn offspring.

Thriller - Ch R-Lee Thrill of Honor

NP042480/01 | DOB 9/21/2003 | OFA Good | Red Fawn | Horse Coat

Thriller Thriller is a horsecoat male with dark tongue pigment, perfect scissors bite and a sweet personality, with tight curled ears atop a beautiful head piece and a square body that produces good movement and the correct topline. His coat is that of a true harsh horse coat.

His father, Ch R-Lee Something Extra Special, Honors, stamped his pedigree with the look whereas his mother, Ch R-Lee Smug'lrs Aint Misbehavin, Ping, provided health and brush coat genes for an outstanding pedigree. If you are looking to produce a horse coat with breed type, correct coat and structure, Thriller should be the "right choice!"

His pedigree can be seen at Thriller's Pedigree.

Mr C - Ch R-Lee Mr Cool

NP087441/01 | DOB 11/22/2004 | OFA Good | Red | Brush Coat

Mr C Mr C is a red fawn short brush coat with a solid dark tongue and scissors bite with an outstanding personality. He is the product of two exemplary pedigrees, matching the best with the best. His mother, Ch R-Lee Companion Ticket is a Boo Dog daughter and his sire, Ch Lucky Wun Captain Cool, has just become a veteran this past year. Mr C finished his AKC championsip in a relatively short period of time due to his great front and side movement. This male is, in our opinion, "special's material" and should be able to reproduce himself, whether line bred on his pedigree or with a total outcross. He has not demonstrated any health problems and is a non-aggressive male always with a smile on his face.

His pedigree can be seen at Mr C's Pedigree.

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