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Who We Are And What We Do

Patricia Zimmel-Roach

Pat Zimmel-Roach2

Pat Roach is the founder of R-Lee Shar-Pei Kennel and the "brains" behind its inception and operation, including its breeding program. Pat comes from Bellefontaine, Ohio going to high school there, and then moved on to nursing training at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio where she earned her Registered Nurse (RN) diploma. Upon graduation she came to Bethesda Hospital, also located in Cincinnati, where she began working as a Labor and Delivery nurse. Soon after starting work at Bethesda Hospital Pat was promoted to Head Nurse in Labor and Delivery, and not long afterwards was again promoted, this time as Nurse Manager of the Obstetrical Department, including Labor and Delivery, New Born Nursery, and Postpartum areas, as well as the Gynecology, Psychiatry and Oncology nursing departments. In this capacity she reported directly to the Head Nurse of the hospital. Pat and Harry married in July, 1979. She went to school at St Joseph's College, in Standish, Maine in order to upgrade her diploma to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. While working full time Pat enrolled at Xaiver University in Cincinnati, Ohio, attending night school and eventually obtaining her Master's Degree in Hospital and Health Administration. In partial fulfillment of the requirements for this degree Pat wrote a thesis on "Implementation Of A Medical Information System User's Guide For Success." At this time Pat was Manager of Bethesda Hospital's Medical Information System, reporting directly to the Vice President of the Hospital. She continued in this capacity until her daughter, Dana graduated from Veterinary College at the University of Florida in Gainesville in 1992 at which time she retired and devoted herself full time to our kennel to produce quality Shar-Pei and to study and research primarily coat color mapping and the role of amyloidosis in the Chinese Shar-Pei breed.

Harry C Roach, MD

Harry Nov 07 3

Harry was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a youngster in the mid '30's his parents divorced and both almost immediately remarried. Because of certain agreements between our parents we, my brother, Bill and I lived in a number of different cities and went to a number of different grade schools throughout the United States. Our father was inducted into the Army in 1942 and he was stationed in Texas and then in Arkansas. When the war ended we returned to North College Hill, Ohio (a northern suburb of Cincinnati where we originally lived) finishing high school there. During those World War II years our father was a physician who did on-the-job training in psychiatry in the service and in 1945 became American Board certified in psychiatry and neurology. Upon graduating from high school Harry attended Miami University, Oxford, Ohio graduating in 1953 with a BA in psychology. He was drafted and spent the next two years in the United States Army, being stationed for eight week's basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky and then at Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina where he was a clerk typist. While in the service, and realizing that soon I would have to fend for myself, I decided to become a doctor. In order to enroll in medical college I needed to acquire additional required premedical courses necesitating my attending the University of Cincinnati as a special student to take such courses as chemistry, biochemistry, analytical geometry, heredity, and the like. I completed these required courses in the years 1955 through 1956 and was accepted at the College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati in 1957 and graduated four years later in 1961.

Upon graduation from medical school I did my required rotating internship at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati. I stayed at Jewish for an addtional year in an obstetrical and gynecological residency program for the first six months to be followed by a six month's stint at Children's Hospital in their pediatric program. Before I completed the first six month's of this program I realized that what I really needed to do was to become a full fledged obstetrician/gynecologist. The following year I entered the three year Ob/Gyn Residency program at Bethesda Hospital, also in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I completed this program in 1966 and entered the private practice of obstetrics and gynecology with Dr. Richard Salzer, as Salzer and Roach, Inc.Harry Roach Ob-Gyn Teacher2 I became American Board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1968. In 1971 our corporation was dissolved and I entered the solo practice of medicine. During those nearly thirty-five years I was in private practice one of my pride and joys was being a teacher of young doctors in our residency program. I was especially interested and gifted in the surgical aspects of our specialty and it was these tenents of thorough knowledge of anatomy, complete understanding of the risks and complications associated with any surgical procedure, and proper surgical technique that I promoted and taught. This particular picture was taken in 1980 while I was teaching these residents my didactic course of Gynecologic Anatomy and Surgical Technique. In 1993 I semi-retired and worked in the office only on Mondays and Tuesdays, permitting me then to do what I enjoyed most - showing dogs! Now that both Pat and I essentially were fully retired we could devote much more time attending one or another dog shows, which we did probably at least twice each month. Many times it was only I who showed our dogs because Pat had to stay at home to tend to the kennel.

Pat and Harry

In 2000 while returning from the "Florida Circuit" we stopped over night in Cullman, Alabama visiting with Lee Ann, Pat's sister, and her husband, Leo who was the manager of the new Morton Building plant in nearby Hanceville. On our return drive to Cincinnati I said to Pat, "If we ever retire and move from Cincinnati this is as good a place as any." Well, needless to say that is exactly what happened. This property became available and I was able to sell our home in Cincinnati so we moved here, lock, stock and barrel (kennel and all) in May, 2002. We made this decision in order to escape the cold winters and the snow north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Now you know much more than you ever wanted to know about both of us, but perhaps this information will give you some insight into "Who We Are" and in that which motivates us in "What We Do." And just to let you know what a handsome couple we are (were?), here's a picture of us taken some years ago just a few years before we both retired.

Pat and Harry

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